A Photo Tour of the Beinecke’s Science Park Space Before Construction

  • Floor plan for new Beinecke offices located at in Science Park about a mile from the libray's iconic building
  • This view looks north. The large space in the foreground will house various units in the library's Technical Services Department. The area near the angled window in the background will be a staff lounge. The Preservation Department will be located to the west of the small, square windows.
  • Another view of the Technical Services area with the lounge in the distance. The box located in the center bank of windows will be moved slightly toward the lounge area and serve as the office's primary entrance.
  • A closer view of the lounge area.
  • This is an exterior view of the east side of the building.
  • This is an exterior view of the building's north side. The small, square windows will be enlarged.
August 8, 2014

A major facet of the Beinecke Library’s renovation is the construction of a new headquarters for the library’s Technical Services Department, which is responsible for cataloging, archival processing, and digitizing collection material. The acre-sized space is located in Science Park about a mile from the library’s iconic building. The space will also house the Yale University Library’s Preservation Department, which is responsible for the physical care of the Beinecke’s collections, as well as all other collections across the Yale libraries. 

Construction began on Aug. 11. The space is scheduled to be completed in early spring, providing sufficient time for the Technical Services Department to move in ahead of the May 2015 closure of the Beinecke’s Wall Street building for major renovations.